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Vogt Valves Assembly Drawings

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Vogt Valves Bulletins

CB 01 Zero Emission Forged Steel Gate Valves
CB 02 Emission Reduction Gate Valve & Retrofit Bonnet Assembly
CB 03 Zero Leakage Forged Steel Check Valves
CB 04 Forged Steel Bellowseal Gate Valves
CB 05 Forged Steel Bellows Globe Valves Class 150, 300, 600 & 800
CB 06 Forged Steel Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
CB 07 Forged Steel Globe Valves for Water-Free Chlorine Service Class 300, 600 & 800
CB 08 Forged Steel "Y" Pattern Class 1690 & Class 2680
CB 09 Forged Steel: ASTM 1350, Grade LF2
CB 10 Forged Steel Weld Couplets: Class 3000 & Class 6000
CB 11 Bellows Seal Valves
CB 12 Fugitive Emissions A Leakage Viewpoint
CB 13 A Treatise on Leakage
CB 14 Flexial Reactive Seal
CB 15 Forged Steel Flow Control Valves
CB 16 "Y" Global Pattern Valves Class 800
CB 17 Sour Service Valve Applications
CB 18 "Y" Pattern Globe & Check Valves Class 1690 & Class 2680
CB 19 Motor Operated Gate & Globe Valves
CB 20 Post Weld Heat Treatment of Socket Weld Valves
CB 21 HF Alkylation Service Valve Applications Forged Steel Alkylation Valves
CB 22 Extended Body Forged Steel Valves Welded Bonnet, Bolted Bonnet, Class 800 & Class 1500

Vogt Valves CMTRs

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Vogt Valves Line Card

Vogt Gate, Globe and Check Valves

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VV-200 Forged Steel Valves and Fittings

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VV 01 Instruction Manual for Vogt Valves

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