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The history of Vogt Valve Company traces the development of high quality valve manufacture to meet the growing needs of the chemical, petro-chemical, process and petroleum industries.

In the late 1890s, Vogt Valve Company pioneered the early development of ammonia absorption refrigeration systems that made artificial ice. This business plus Vogt's fledgling boiler business created an internal need for quality valves which initiated Vogt's entry into valve manufacturing. Vogt's early reputation for quality valves and the rapidly growing petroleum processing industry created an outside demand that would firmly establish Vogt in mass production of high quality forged steel valves.

For more than one hundred years, Vogt's leadership has been evident in the production of forged steel fittings, gate, globe and check valves in most popular materials, trims and bonnet configurations.

Vogt Valves salutes the timeless ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Henry Vogt, founder of Henry Vogt Machine Company. Vogt's innovative designs, along with the hundreds of craftsmen and designers who created them, have made today's Vogt Valves a world leader in gate, globe and check valve manufacture.

Today the Vogt Valves operation in Sulphur Springs, TX, supports a worldwide network of distributors with access to the world's largest capability for manufacturing of forged steel valves and fittings. This state-of-the-art facility is registered under the most stringent ISO 9001 quality system program, and will continue to make valve history in the 21st century.

Vogt Valves is a member of Flowserve Flow Control Division, home to Industry's most trusted brand names.